Thursday, October 31, 2013

The long ride begins

I had occasional problems swallowing problems that got more frequent this fall.  On Monday 10/14 I had an Upper Endoscopy and was told I had Barretts Esophagus and High Grade Dysplasia (pre-cancer).

On Monday 10/21 I had an Endoscopic Ultrasound which revealed cancer, but it was contained.

That Wednesday we met with a Surgeon who planned to remove the Esophagus and cancer.

Thursday I had a PET scan which revealed the tumor was bigger than first thought so the surgeon wanted to consult with Oncologists.

Friday (10/25)  we met with a Medical and then a Radiation Oncologist.  At this time the plan was to do both Chemo and Radiation followed by the surgery.  The problem was they needed to find my old Chemo and Radiation records to see if this plan was feasible.

Monday (10/28) the medical Oncologist called and said they would only do Chemo then Surgery because they could not find Radiation Records.

What a Roller Coaster!  We are hanging on Tight!

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