Thursday, November 13, 2014

Once Bitten Twice Shy

There was a Mott of Hoople-n'  and hollerin' Wednesday night (11/12) at the Sheldon Concert Hall.  We saw Ian Hunter and the Rant Band.  Ian had been a long time favorite since his time as leader of Mott the Hoople.  Just a few years ago I found that he had been recording again.  I started collecting his new stuff: Rant, Shrunken Heads, Man Overboard and then in 2012 - When I'm President.  Several songs on that album really impressed with me.

Of course I had to get tickets for the show when I heard he was coming to town.  Thank goodness I did.  While he played songs from his early years, this was NOT a nostalgia tour.  The man can still write, sing, play and ROCK!  At 75, he is going strong.

He did old favorites:

  Once Bitten Twice Shy, All the Way From Memphis

and New favorites:

  Just The Way You Look Tonight, When I'm President

and encored with

  All The Young Dudes

He left me with a BIG smile on my face and tears on my cheeks.  All for $35 a seat.

The show was AWESOME!!  You know if Dottie's comment on Facebook was, "Wow," it had to be amazing

Check out his most recent CD: When I'm President.

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