Monday, March 3, 2014

Happy Anniversary

On this Anniversary of the Esophagectomy that left me stapled, stitched, glued, tubed, sore, confused, scared, anxious, unable to swallow,…

I am grateful for the progress that we have made over these past 4 weeks.  And I do mean WE.  The help and support from the nursing staff, both in the hospital and at home, has been priceless.  Dottie and Nate at home, Ryan, Sarah and Lucy, not to mention (as I often do) all the family and friends that have sent love, prayers and support, which have been instrumental in the healing process.

We're not finished yet, but I can definitely see and feel the progress.  I have been eating more and more, and I've started to decrease the feeding liquid.  Not all the food by mouth has worked.  Last Tuesday, for my Birthday we went to Cold Stone Creamery.  Dot and I thought that would fit the SOFT foods diet.  I ate about half of my bowl.  When I got home, I was in misery - very nauseous.  Dot and Nate ate theirs with no problem.  What gives?  My body was not used to it and reacted.  Luckily, I recovered fairly quickly.  I did NOT end up taking a trip to Cold Stone Crematorium.

My next mishap was our first dinner out in the 4 weeks.  Friday, we went to Nacho Mammas.  Ryan, Lucy and Nathan joined us.  We had a good time, but at the end of the meal, I was not right.  I think my problem was that I just ate too much.  The food was soft again, but I ended up bloated and felt pretty uncomfortable for a little while.

Other than those hiccups, things are working well.  I have another swallowing test this Thursday.  Next Wednesday, we see the surgeon.  The hope is that by the time we see him, the feeding tube can come out.  But as usual, I get ahead of myself.  Gotta keep workin'.  Gotta keep chewin'.  I have meals to go before I eat (without a tube).

This weeks song(s).

"I've Been Waiting For You"
  recently heard David Bowie's cover of the Neil Young classic.  Love them both.  Listening to them tonight made me think of…

"Waitin' For Some Girl"
  by Ry Cooder.  Awesome song.  Check it out.

and of course these songs make me think of Dottie and our upcoming 40th Anniversary.  Now that is one to celebrate.

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