Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I Ain't Ever Satisfied

Now that real food has been allowed to grace my tongue I would have thought all was good.  It is a slow start, but very positive.  But now, it is like I have to learn how to swallow again.  I am super conscious of how solids and liquids feel in the mouth and throat.  Is it really working? 

The Speech Therapist asked if I wanted to repeat the swallow test that I failed 2 weeks ago.  She could tell I was anxious about it.  She asked last week and I put her off.  This week she asked again.  I realized I should find out how it was working, whatever the outcome,  from the standpoint of the Doctors.  Damn that anxiety.

And then there is the pain from the incisions, the internal remodeling and the feeding tube.  I'm anxious for that all to heal.  I need those pain pills but want to wean off of them.  - Never can be satisfied. -  It is a long hard road but when I get closer to the end, I want to cross that finish line.

Someone needs to smack me and say, "patience, son."

Thanks.  I needed that.

I know this will all work.  And there will be plenty of other challenges too.

It really is priceless having Dottie there.  And all the family and friends too.

Check out Steve Earle doing "I Ain't Ever Satisfied."  Great song.

I caught this pic of a Woodpecker who couldn't fit at the feeder so he had to learn how to eat hanging upside down.

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  1. Maybe you should try hanging upside down like the bird! Hang in there dude - before you know it you'll be wolfin' down veggie bratwurst and a bud!!