Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I Don't Need No Doctor

No.  I am not addicted to blauging.  Although, I gotta say there is something about having people pay attention to you.  Of course, more recently people were concerned about my health.  That kinda gave me a captive audience.  Unfortunately it was under tough circumstances.

Now, I will try to branch out: Music, Travel, Food (Vegan), Photography.  Sorry Politics and Religion. I will try to refrain.

I'm paying $10 a year for the Domain Name.  Might as well use it.


Steve Marriott, Humble Pie.  These guys really ROCKED me. 

"I Don't Need No Doctor" exemplified that experience for me.  My High School / College best friend just reminded me of that song. 


Thanks, JT. 

I bought their albums "Rockin' the Fillmore" and "Smokin'" that I still need to convert (vinyl to digital).  Great albums.

I found this comment on one of the YouTube pages

3 months ago

It is a crime that Steve Marriott isn't a rock god in America.  He should be mentioned in the same breath as The Beatles, The Stones, Zeppelin, and The Who.  He's the most powerful blues rock vocalist ever !!!!  Look for "I'm Ready Rockin the Filmore" and the vocal intro is insane !!  Very, very few singers could pull off what Steve does at the intro of that song.  Actually, no one could pull it off with as much soul or blues.  No one, not Plant, Mercury... maybe Rodgers could come close; Noddy Holder of Slade could come close, as he has done a similar thing; but no one else.

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