Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Vegan Anniversary ( Carnivores beware )

2 years ago I made a "slight" change to my diet.  After decades of having MEAT at LEAST twice a day I thought I should try a VEGAN diet.  I have great friends that are Vegan.  They choose this lifestyle for ethical reasons.  I chose to try it for health.  I inherited Coronary Artery Disease and have 3 stents.  I thought it would be nice to stop at 3.

I had heard of The China Study and the possibility of reversing the disease (plaque buildup).  2 years ago a friend posted a link on Facebook to a video presentation by Dr. Michael Gregor:  (Thanks a lot Nancy).  Dottie played the video on her iPad while I was working at the computer.  It went on and on about how ingesting animal products affected the human body.  Plaque buildup was one of the effects ( for people with Coronary Artery Disease ).  This video ruined, er, changed my life.  Thanks a lot Nancy.

Since I was struggling with my cholesterol and on the highest dose of Lipitor, I thought it would be a good idea to try the diet. Luckily, I liked to cook and had friends with good cookbooks.  I started the change, eliminating meat, dairy and eggs from my diet.  I found out that you did not need animal products to make your meals taste good.  You could have great tasting food with a Plant Based Diet.  Who knew?

Actually, lots of people knew.  Suffice it to say, I am, and plan to stay 80+% vegan.  Yes, I have my cheats.  They consist mostly of veggie pizza and fish.  I do have meat a few times a year.  These cheats help me stay vegan most of the time.  One thing that puzzles me is that White Castle commercials get to me.  Damn them Sliders!

Anyway, the diet has worked wonders of my health.  I was able to cut my Lipitor dose in half and my most recent stress test results were "normal!"

I'm not trying to preach, just trying to share.  I will add some nice recipes that I tried and links to other blogs if you are interested. 

This blaug will also contain a lot of Music, Travel and Photos.

A Vegan's Nightmare appeared at the grocery checkout right behind me.

Wonderful breakfast burrito available at Target and some Schnucks.

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  1. Geo,
    So glad you are back to blogging and Healthy!!