Wednesday, January 15, 2014

And The Doctor Says...

Before we get to the surgeon, I have a weird coincidence to report.  This morning I get a call from my ENT doctor's office.  I had an appointment with him in February and they wanted to let me know he would NOT be able to see me and that another doctor from his group would see me that day.  They said my doctor may be out until June.

This weird sound played in my head, "do-do-DO-do, do-do-DO-do."  I felt I was moving into a land of both shadow and substance.  Ah ah ah ah ah ah!!  All my doctors are getting sick.

But wait a minute.  I'm getting better.  I haven't felt this good in months.  I can swallow again!  What can it be.  It seems as if a Dorian Grey like transference is happening.

I shrugged it off, waited around, walked the dog, had lunch and took a shower.  Later in the afternoon we went to the Surgeon's office.  His assistant came in first.  She mentioned he was leaving on Tuesday and would not be around until the end of the month.


Turns out he is NOT sick but will be on vacation, traveling.  We both are somewhat disappointed about a delay, but we want this guy to do the surgery. 

He comes in to see us and says the PET scan results were great!  He says my blood work was good too.  He then goes on to explain the surgery.  I do NOT get queasy.  He explains the risks.  I clench my teeth.  We both say we are ready.  Let's do it.

He calls and checks with my cardiologist while we are there.  We get the thumbs up from him.  He offers the date, Monday, Feb 3rd.  We say okay.  We tell ourselves that it is only 2 weeks later than we thought and that I will be all the more recovered from the previous treatments.

We can use a drink!


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  1. George, Best of luck on the surgery!
    Jim L. (ex-STRM'er)