Tuesday, January 21, 2014

It's Only Money

Not much going on in the treatment front.  The only thing new was I met with my Medical Oncologist last Friday.  He was the one that had to cancel last week because he was ill.  He said he was pretty sick.  Had one of those bugs going around.  He was happy the surgery was set up and said if that goes okay, there will not be any regular treatments after that.  I would have an upper endoscopy in a year to check things out.  That is good news!

So to make it worth your while for checking this BLAUG I will relate a couple of financial notes you may find interesting.

First, Nathan's Hospital Bill:  Nate has had a "Catastrophic" policy for a couple of years.  They cover nothing for the first $10,000.  Well, he got his bill from BJC for his operation and hospital stay.  Let's just say, it was well above his deductible.  (This does not include all the doctors and anesthesiologists).  It looks like the insurance will finally be paying.

Next, my Chemo bill:  I got a letter from my insurance saying that the hospital (MOBAP) had not gotten pre-approval for my chemo treatment.  Radiation was okay but not Chemo.  The bill was over $51,000.  Yikes!  I guess I'll have to write them a check.  I checked with my Medical Oncologist assistant last Friday.  She has records showing that they did get approval.  Thank goodness, but now we have to convince the insurance company.

Healthcare, er, scratch that: Insurance Companies - Can't live with them…

Song(s) of the week:  Dot and I saw the new Coen Brother's movie last Saturday.  I really liked it, especially the music.  She was not so enamored.  She had to agree that Oscar Isaac did a great job with the songs.

Anyway, as we left Plaza Frontenac through Canyon Cafe we stopped in our respective restrooms.  Over the speakers came a Mexican flavored acoustic version of "Hotel California."  I thought, "I hate the f#*king Eagles man!"  Priceless.  The Coen brothers have a great musical sense.

Checkout the "Inside Llewyn Davis" soundtrack.  I especially liked "Fare Thee Well" and got a big kick out of the comedic "Please Mr. Kennedy."

Here are Lucy and I posing for a selfie.


  1. Insurance companies do what they do, refuse to pay, refuse to pay, refuse to pay, then after you let them know you are not going to give up they pay. I absolutely hate the business. They actually have flow charts where they just deny the first 4 or 5 requests. Total suckle but what can you do? Sounds like you have your ducks in a row.

  2. Hang in there. I agree with the previous poster - they try to outlast you. I'm enjoying your posts but I like the Eagles! To each his own! - Betsy