Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Thank goodness for uneventful weeks.  No new symptoms.  Some old symptoms have eased up.  That doesn't give me much to write about.  What a shame.

I have not had any real trouble swallowing since Christmas Eve.  I have started to gain some weight back.  Dottie thinks it would be good for me to put on some pounds before the surgery.  So this too is a good thing.  I still get tired and often take afternoon naps.  My hair is still not growing except for a few stray ones on my chin.  Dottie wants me to shave every so often so I don't look like a goofball.  Good luck with that, dyno.

Since not much is happening with my situation, I do have a couple of stories to pass on.  Last Friday, Dottie took Nathan to get the surgical staples removed from the incision on his stomach.  Later that night we took him out for dinner (he still cannot drive).  While we waited to order, Nate discovered some blood on his belly and went to the restroom to check it out.  He came back with a serious look on his face and said his incision popped open, and he had a hole in his stomach.  We all envisioned sitting in yet another waiting room: one of the Emergency variety this time.  What to do?  Our solution:  We ordered dinner to go, which Dottie waited for.  I took Nate to Walgreens for bandage supplies while he called the Doctor's exchange.  Luckily, the opening was not bleeding and the Doctor told him to just keep it bandaged and change the dressings twice a day.  He was to come in after the weekend and have the surgeon look at it.  Suffice it to say, Nathan has a second belly button for a while.

Story # 2.  We were watching Gilligan's brother Ozzie for a few days and some times the dogs get crazy and run into the woods.  They did that the first night and found some nasty things to munch on.  The next night, I let them out separately.  When it was Ozzie's turn, I put him on the leash.  I opened the door, and he saw Gilligan in the front yard.  The 90+ pound Ozzie went charging out the door.  I went flying.  He pulled me through a sticker bush and I landed on the sidewalk leading to our front door.  Ozzie look at me like, "what is the matter with you man?"  Luckily, I only had a couple of scrapes and a bruised knee: no major damage.

Ozzie and Gilligan love to play!

Other than that, things have been uneventful.  Thank Goodness!

Oh!  I got a new scanner for Christmas and found this photo to scan of me and My brother...

Happy New Year!

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