Saturday, November 9, 2013

2 Zaps, No Waiting

The start of radiation was quick and easy this week.  Wednesday was a dry run with Thursday and Friday bringing the real thing.  It only took 10 minutes each and I didn't notice any ill effects.

Luckily the Chemo from last Monday didn't make me feel too bad.   I've been warned it gets worse.  In the mean time, so far so good.  One week down!

Thanks for all the support.  It helps tremendously!

Speaking of help, my good friend Becky Blackfoot introduced me to a new companion to help me through this.  I named him Al.  He accompanies me to my sessions...


  1. Sounds good, we are coming back to STL Nov 16th to 20th for a short visit. Jan just wants to spend some time with her mom, and then we go to Hawaii.

  2. This is a test from Becky!