Monday, November 11, 2013

Full House

Today I had my 2nd Infusion (chemo) and 3rd Radiation Treatment:  a pair and 3 of a kind.  Mondays are my long day (4 hours at the hospital).  Everything went well, still no bad side effects, but got warned that in a couple weeks it might get painful to swallow.  Just in time for Thanksgiving!

Still can't complain.  Everybody is great and no nausea!  And yet I did have one disappointment: no Animal Crackers this week!  What gives?

Dottie came to the rescue with Sweet Potato Fries from the Cafeteria.

Another bright note is that today I heard from Debbie E., an admin on the team, who is still pursuing my records.  She had contacted St. Alexius which merged with Forest Park/Deaconess Hospital (thanks Sal) and they continue to dig through the stacks.

One last shot.  This one from 1990.  Is this look in my future?


  1. The best man always comes out on top

  2. You Have A Future As Lex Luther