Monday, November 18, 2013

So Much For Pancakes

1) Pancakes

Sunday morning we had pancakes and fake bacon for breakfast.  While some people might find the idea of fake bacon hard to swallow, I just could not get the pancakes down.  I worried this was the beginning of the real swallowing problems I was warned about.  Even before breakfast I seemed to have problems the small pill I take before I eat.  I wondered if I would be able to eat solids or take my pills.

I had a smoothie for lunch and then luckily I was able to eat dinner, careful to chew it into small pieces.

Monday I met with the Radiation Oncologist and his nurse.  When I told them about the difficulty in swallowing the nurse asked how bad the pain was on a scale of 1 to 10.  I said there was no pain, I just couldn't swallow the pancakes.  The Oncologist explained that the radiation and chemo are making the tumor shrink and the opening wider but people will feel a lump when they eat some things.  Some foods in particular (bread-like) may pose difficulties.  They stressed to keep hydrated and sip water frequently to keep the throat clear.

I felt relieved.  I was able to eat and take my medicine okay today.

2) Pillars

In the MoBap Cancer Center they have structural pillars that are decorated with hand painted tiles from patients, family and friends.  I find these inspiring, offering support to all.  It makes me think about the pillars in everyone's life, the people who provide support during times of trouble.  Those pillars of strength, hope, faith and love are real heroes.

A couple of examples come immediately to mind. One is my niece Ashlee who is such a pillar for her young son Jack and his health problems.  The other is Dottie.  She is my pillar, my strength.

I know I'm getting schmaltzy.  Tough.  Thanks to all the pillars.  Thanks to all those that offer thoughts, prayers, love, strength and support to everyone.  You Rock!


For a little less inspiring example:

Talk about STRENGTH: Here is Al providing support for a good buddy's company…


  1. Jorge,
    Keep the Faith. Love your blogs. Looking at old slide: "Striking Thoroughbreds in Rigor Mortis". Remember?

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