Thursday, November 21, 2013

My Chemical Romance

Wednesday we met with the Medical Oncologist.  His plans are for only 2 more Chemo treatments for a total of 5, the last one being Dec 2nd.  Radiation runs through Dec 13.  After a recovery period and another PET scan, surgery will probably follow in January.  The doctor said that the current plan is to NOT have additional Chemo after surgery (if all goes well). 

I guess I can handle the Chemical breakup.  Did I hear a Woo Hoo?

Current conditions include appetite okay, swallowing okay, but feeling more tired and sleeping a little restless.  The Doc says I should not lose all my hair, but I am noticing increased shedding.

Not much more right now.  Continued thanks to everyone for the support.  I'll leave with a couple of pics of young ones that keep me smiling.

Thanks Antonio for the "stand up"

Thanks Lucy for being so gosh darn cute!

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  1. George, so glad everything seems to be going well so far. Feller told me recently the chemo was the worst for him. As always you have an amazing sense of humor about your ordeal. Prayers be with you. KH