Friday, December 13, 2013

Beginnings and Endings

Radiation - While the number of treatments decreased this week, the side effects escalated.  The  swallowing problems became more like I was warned about.  They dogged me most mornings this week and the pain level increased.  The pain may have been partly from my frustration and anxiety.  I know I must have scared Dottie with some of the faces I made.  Sorry honey.  I guess I knew it wouldn't be a cake walk - I would like to have eaten some of the cake.  Luckily, during each day, things got better and by dinner, I was able to eat solids fairly well.

Today, Friday, was my last treatment.  Hooray!  I was able to eat breakfast.  Woo Hoo!  BUT, I was told this past Monday that "the effects from the treatment will continue to work for approximately 5-7 days."

Be that as it may I was upbeat on the drive in.  As usual Outlaw Country (music) came through from the start.  "Joy", by Lucinda, "You took my joy.  I want it back!"  Great song, upbeat.  I AM getting my JOY back.  Next up was "Movin' On" by Justin Townes Earle.  Another great song.  It made me think about Beginnings and Endings - one thing Dottie loved about teaching.  I ended Chemo.  I am ending Radiation, Movin' On to healing.

Next up… We'll talk about that later.  Gotta enjoy the moment. 

Speaking of that, check out the quote on the Radiation Bell I rang today.

I want to thank the Doctor and Radiation Therapists for getting me to this moment, this Ending.  Great people.  Great Job!

In fact, one of them, Ben had this very cool display up in the waiting room…

...and now, Let the Healing Begin.

Thanks again!

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