Thursday, December 19, 2013

Waiting Rooms...

…can be tough too.  Here is our experience this last week: 2 Rooms, plenty of waiting.

Last Wednesday I had an appointment with my dermatologist.  Dottie decided to go with me since we were running errands afterword.  That was a big mistake.  We waited an hour and a half in a small fairly crowded waiting room.  That was bad enough, but Fox News was on their TV the whole time.  Those of you that know my political leanings can imagine how this compares (for me) to some of the treatments I have been through.

That shot was of my last skin treatment this past spring.  Ouch! Forehead only so as not to break the blaug site.

On a side note, this visit reminded me of an old George Carlin routine where he talked about cancer.  He maintained that if you had cancer, you needed another kind so they could kill each other off.  I must be in great shape.

This Wednesday, Dottie and I spent about 5 hours in the Barnes Jewish surgical waiting room.  It was a much better room than last week, but still a long time.  We were there because our son, Nathan had surgery to remove part of his colon.  While our wait was tough, Nate had a harder go of it.  Luckily, the surgery was a success. He'll be in the hospital 5-6 days and will be somewhat recuperated by the time I have my surgery in mid-Jan.

That is enough for now, but I'll leave with a couple of shots of what I do when I'm not in a waiting or treatment room or fixating on music?

   Watching birds from my kitchen.

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