Saturday, December 7, 2013

Next Steps

Getting tired is getting old, or is it getting old is getting tired.  Swallowing has been easier this week: hydrate, hydrate, chew, chew.  Side effects continue of course, but they are definitely manageable.

From here we have 5 more days of radiation and then some time to heal.

I met with the Medical Oncologist this week and he set up a couple of follow-up dates.  Jan 10th for the next PET scan.  This will help staging for the upcoming surgery.  I will meet with the oncologist again on Jan 13th and then the surgeon on the 15th.  The surgery should be very soon thereafter. 

While we are anxious to get that done.  We know it will be tough.  All I can say is, "Bring It On!"  We have so much support from everyone, cards and letters, thoughts and prayers.  We know we are not alone.  Thank you ALL!

Our diversion this weekend, besides the weather, has been Lucy.  Such a cutie.

She also some how wangled a new addition to our animal crew.

Al need a little company.


  1. Still in your corner George.

  2. Hey George! Really like your blog postings. We think about you often even though we're 1400 miles southwest of you at the moment. Keep on rocking and beat this f'ing thing! Love, J&A