Monday, December 2, 2013

One Down…

Monday was my last scheduled chemo.

I got a nice send-off from the Infusion Center crew as we thanked them and I rang the bell signifying the final treatment.  It was kinda weird, kinda bittersweet.  I didn't mind the actual treatments, the staff and volunteers were great, very positive and caring.  Side effects were not as bad as I expected.  They still suck.

So what else do I say about it?  I keep thinking of the others in the large treatment room:  older, younger, too young.  Everyone calmly (probably gladly) accepting their drugs.  The loved ones hanging out with them.  Everyone working towards their goal: Cancer Free!  I feel like I may miss the place - and miss it for a long time;)

Check out the IV break in the Infusion Parking Lot.

I celebrated my last chemo with an order of sweet potato curly fries from the cafeteria as I was being infused.

My condition is relatively the same.  Still suffer some swallowing problems and I get pretty tired during the day.  Emotionally we are hanging in there, staying positive.  I still have 9 more radiation treatments to go.  Those are quick and easy.  Later comes the surgery.  We press on.  … Two to go.

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  1. Looking good George, praying for you to get your swallowing better.