Saturday, February 1, 2014

Game On

I got the call Friday at about 4 PM.  Surgery is scheduled for Monday (2/3) at 7 AM at Missouri Baptist Hospital (MoBap).  We have to be there at 5:30.  That is no big deal.  We probably won't sleep much anyway.

Nothing to eat or drink after midnight.  I have special soap to shower with Sunday night and special wipes to clean with Monday morning.

We have been feeling kind of anxious this past week in anticipation of the event.  What helps is to think about other events we have planned in March, April and May.  We spent Friday night with the family: some pizza, a little Elmo, conversation, fart jokes and some music of course.

                                                       Lucy with my dynodaug cap on.

Dottie will post on the BLAUG after the surgery to let everyone know how it went.  I will be in the ICU for at least 3 days.  When I get to a regular room I should be able to receive visitors (as long as the morphine holds out).  Dot will post about that too.  The Doc said I should be in the hospital 8 - 11 days.  I know what I'm getting Dottie for Valentine's Day: a patient to nurse at home.  Sorry, Honey.

Hopefully, the groundhog doesn't see its shadow, so we can recover quickly from this winter of our discomfort.

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  1. We'll be up and thinking about you. Hopefully the morphine holds out and we'll see you in a few days! Looking forward to Dottie's posts.