Saturday, February 15, 2014

My Valentine

Now that I have been home a few days, we have gotten into a pattern.  Luckily for me Dottie has embraced pushing my meds and food and keeping track of times and amounts.  She also runs the errands and takes care Gilligan and herself.  If you told her last week she would be doing all that this week she would have laughed at you.  She is amazing.

Besides the meds and feeding, for me the pattern includes naps, exercises, taking vitals, Words with Friends, etc.  I want to add some more projects but my energy level is still pretty low.  I'm the slacker.

We have had a couple of visits from the Home Health Care Nurse who instructed us on the meds and feeding.  We are happy to have her support.  We also had a visit from a Speech Therapist who has given me a number of exercises to help with my swallowing muscles.  She is very positive about overcoming this issue and gives us a lot of hope.  I can't wait to really eat and drink again.  And like a friend of mine just reminded me, "I've been swallowing for 60+ years."  How hard can it be to get going again?

I was trying to think of something else to write (on the light side), and this just happened…

We have been changing my dressing everyday after my shower.  Before putting the bandages on we use some antibiotic cream.  Today I grabbed the tube of cream from the bag we brought home from the hospital…
Luckily I caught it before I applied it.


But I'm mostly lucky to have such a great partner, nurse and Valentine.

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